Kingmaker Slot Machine Online and Mobile

Big Time Gaming is an extremely successful game maker that releases games at a very slow pace.

Where large competitor slot providers such as Play’n GO and Netent try to release as many new slots as possible per month, Big Time Gaming keeps it neatly at about 2-3 new slots per year.

Now there will be people who shout: yes, but the money is pouring in to them anyway, because of the Megaways slots licenses! While that is certainly true, Big Time Gaming was only releasing new slots sparsely before they were handing out Megaways licenses at all.

Big Time Gaming just prefers to take it a little easier.

Kingmaker is a Megaways slot and it is pleased that they have made it something original again. In the meantime, there has also been a sequel to this slot machine, this is Kingmaker Fully Loaded Megaways .

Save for extra multipliers in the bonus round

At Kingmaker you can earn extra multipliers, but unlike “normal” Megaways slots, you earn these multipliers before you win the free spins bonus.

In other words, the longer it takes you to win the free spins bonus, the more this bonus potentially becomes worth once you win it.

The slot is set in a beautiful landscape, with a beautiful stately castle in it. That is undoubtedly the domain of the King from the title, although we never get to see the person in question. Or is the castle an indication of what you can do with your money when those bins of gold pour in.

You can win huge amounts with Kingmaker, which can reach over 10,000 x the total bet.

Will this BTG slot make your King?

Big Time Gaming releases their Kingmaker slot machine online and mobile. Read on to find out what we discover about what these 16,807 ways to win game with multipliers and free spins has to offer in our review.

Set on a backdrop of snow capped mountains and fairytale castle stands the Kingmaker Megaways slot, 5 reels across with a varying number of symbols high on each reel and each and every spin.

This is another addition to the list of Megaways slots from Big Time Gaming offering the potential for up to 5,000x your bet wins thanks to a few key features which you’ll experience along the way.

The Gem Multipliers & Wilds

This Kingmaker game features your standard A – 9 symbols as the lower paying ones mixed in with four different coloured gem symbols, a wild and a free spins bonus scatter.

It’s the gem symbols though that you’ll want to keep an eye out for cause, each time you get a five of a kind win the multiplier on that gem for future wins will increase by 1x.

And will keep increasing every time you get a win with a gem until you trigger the free spins, when after it will reset back to 1x.

This becomes even all the more important in the free spins, cause the total number of multipliers you have displayed on the left of the reels are added up to give you your starting multiplier.

Add the wild symbol which substitutes for all other symbols except the golden crown scatter and your base game wins can range from nothing upwards of 100x your bet.

On average though expect a win to be anywhere between 3x and 10x your bet.