Which baccarat variants are the most popular?

Believed to have originated in Italy,baccarat is a popular card game that dates back over 500 years.

As is often the case, games will tend to have variants, especially when the game in question has a long enough history to have developed styles in different countries worldwide.

This gives plenty of opportunity for some interesting deviations on the main rules, so here we take a look at the most popular ones.

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In general, baccarat works by comparing the cards you havewith the ones held by the dealer, also known as the banker.

In many of the variants, this initial concept stays the same; however, this is not always the case. In punto banco, which also goes by the name of North American baccarat, your move is dictated by the cards dealt out to you more than with other variants.

Since the game was originally popular among French and Italian nobles some centuries ago, it makes sense that one of the other popular variants goes by a French title – chemin de fer – where the first difference you may notice is that the game is only played with six decks of cards rather than seven. It may well feel that it makes it easier to predict a pattern in this case, so that is one reason this variation is favored in many countries.

With the game of chemin de fer, three cards are dealt on the table which players choose to draw or not, especially when it comes to the last card,which can take you over your preferred total score. The key is that the choice is not there for you with punto banco, and the dealer will turn this card over regardless. In some cases, this makes it only a game of chance for many players. Still, it remains very popular in North America and Latin American countries such as Cuba and Argentina.

As online casinos tend to become more popular than ever these days, it makes it even easier to test out all these changes in the game invented by people in times past, as you can dip in and out of new challenges.

If you fancy being the dealer instead, one version you might find curious is baccarat banque, where indeed you have the opportunity to play with fewer decks, and each player takes turns to deal. This is considered more popular in Europe and often encourages higher betting patterns.

So, if you are looking to play baccarat online, remember there is more than just one version of this popular card game, so there is plenty of action for you to check out.